Involuntary Civil Commitment

Definition - What does Involuntary Civil Commitment mean?

Involuntary civil commitment is when a person is placed in an institution ran by the state or federal government against their will. This is usually in reference to jail or to a mental institution. There may or may not be a definitive set term of commitment at the beginning and could change as the commitment progressed to either be ended or extended indefinitely. If a person is thought to be at risk of suicide or of harming themselves or others, they can be placed under such an order and forced to attain help through the psychiatric institution process.

Justipedia explains Involuntary Civil Commitment

The state or government usually have the unilateral right to place someone under such a commitment order for the purpose of seeking medical help, but the person's family can also join together to request the same. In most states if two other relatives seek to have a person committed and reviewed under this act it is possible to do.

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