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Irremediable Breakdown

Definition - What does Irremediable Breakdown mean?

An irremediable breakdown refers to a place that two people come to during their marriage where one spouse refuses to live with the other spouse. They also refuse to work toward any sort of reconciliation. In most states, this is the standard that is required to grant a person a divorce. It's also known as irretrieveable breakdown and irreconcilable differences.

Justipedia explains Irremediable Breakdown

Most courts will never make any inquiries into whether an irremediable breakdown has actually occurred. Rather, as a practical matter, a court will generally always grant a divorce as long as one of the parties in the divorce states that the marriage has had a irremediable breakdown. When a person is seeking a divorce due to irremediable breakdown, the court will always grant a no-fault divorce meaning that neither party has done anything egregious enough to warrant divorce.

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