Irreparable Harm

Definition - What does Irreparable Harm mean?

Irreparable harm is damage or injury so severe that there are no known ways to fix the problem or restore the conditions that existed before the harm.

Parties that commit irreparable harm can be sued in a court of law for damages. People who believe that a party is about to commit irreparable harm can also seek injunctive relief from the court against the offending party.

Irreparable harm can occur to a person, a place or a thing.

Justipedia explains Irreparable Harm

Examples of irreparable harm to a human include:

  • Causing injury that leads to permanent paralysis
  • Failing to give medication to a person who's in dire need of it
  • A person losing a limb as a result of an accident

Examples of irreparable harm to a non-human entity include:

  • The leveling of a building
  • Contaminating a river (though indirectly harming the humans that use(d) its water)
  • Tearing down a structure
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