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Irreparable Injury

Definition - What does Irreparable Injury mean?

An irreparable injury is an injury that is unable to be fixed by known methods even when there is financial compensation available to pay for repair. An irreparable injury can occur to a person, a place, or a thing. Parties who are responsible for irreparable injuries can be held liable for the damages accrued.

Justipedia explains Irreparable Injury

Irreparable injuries are injuries of an extremely serious nature. For example, if a person loses a limb, this would be an irreparable injury because no amount of money can replace a limb. Another example of irreparable injury could be a company who disposes of toxic waste in a reservoir and completely contaminates the water. Despite the fact that the company may be able to afford cleanup efforts, no such techniques may exist as to restore the reservoir to its natural state. Therefore, the injury to the reservoir would be irreparable.

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