Juris Doctor (J.D.)

Definition - What does Juris Doctor (J.D.) mean?

A Juris Doctor is the name of the degree that one receives after he or she has completed law school in the United States. This typically comes after three years of law school, if the student is enrolled full time. Following law school, a student must pass the bar exam to become fully qualified to practice law.

Justipedia explains Juris Doctor (J.D.)

A Juris Doctor is a more advanced degree than a bachelor's degree. Bachelor's degrees are the degrees that people receive after graduating college. Juris Doctors are only given to those who have completed law school. Juris Doctors are also referred to as Juris Doctorates. A Juris Doctorate is comparable to a "Masters Degree" which is a professional degree given in other fields. Both Juris Doctors and Masters Degrees reflect that the individual has received the required amount of training to be a professional in the field.

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