Definition - What does Judgment mean?

A judgment is an official decision made by a court or other tribunal vested with the power to make binding decisions. Some judgments are discretionary and others are mandatory.

Courts have broad powers to make judgments about what kind of evidence to admit during a trial. When a jury returns a verdict, however, courts may be required to enter a judgment of liability or guilt.

Justipedia explains Judgment

An essential function of a court is to enter a judgment. In the American legal tradition, courts are granted the power to make final decisions that will be backed by the power of the state.

In a criminal case, for example, once a jury has returned a guilty verdict or the defendant has entered a guilty plea, the court issues an official decree, or judgment, that the defendant is, in fact, guilty.

In a civil case, once a jury returns a verdict for liability, the court enters a judgment and creates a power in the winning side to collect money from the losing side.

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