Definition - What does Juror mean?

A juror is a person who has been selected by random draw from a list of persons over the age of 18 who live in a specific jurisdiction that presides on a criminal case jury.

The juror is responsible for attending the court for the jury selection process, and could be disqualified if either side's legal representatives ask for them to be dismissed for sitting on the jury.

If the person is selected, then they become a juror and must abide by the court rules in the case, such as showing up on time and not speaking about the case to anyone else.

Justipedia explains Juror

A juror is sometimes sequestered, or put in a hotel room with all the jurors on the panel, until the case is finished in order to guarantee that there is no outside intervention with the jurors. This is done to ensure a fair trial and that the jurors are safe throughout the trial.

They will be paid a stipend for their time. Failure to appear as a juror if selected can result in jail time.

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