Jury Duty

Definition - What does Jury Duty mean?

Jury duty refers to the time a citizen may be required to serve as a finder of fact in a local trial. A fundamental right in most democratic countries is the right to trial by jury. In order to produce juries for these trials, most democracies reserve the right to call, and even compel, citizens to sit on juries.

Justipedia explains Jury Duty

Jury duty is considered a serious responsibility in democratic nations. A person who serves on a jury is tasked with determining facts in a trial.

Jury duty begins when a citizen receives a summons. In many cases, jurors may be excused from this duty for work, health or other hardships. Many jurisdictions offer a nominal wage for citizens serving on a jury.

Most citizens who show up at a courthouse for the day of jury selection are excused. For the citizens who are selected, trials can last anywhere from just a few hours to many weeks.

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