Juvenile Delinquency

Definition - What does Juvenile Delinquency mean?

Juvenile delinquency is criminal behavior that is carried out by minors. This can include less serious criminal activity such as trespassing or creating graffiti. However, it can also include more serious offenses such as robbery.

Because juvenile delinquency is carried out by minors, they are typically not punished in the same way that adults would be.

Justipedia explains Juvenile Delinquency

Minors who participate in juvenile delinquency are sometimes forced to stay in "juvenile halls" for periods of time. Juvenile halls are similar to prisons; however, they are less intense and are only for juvenile offenders. Minors who repeatedly participate in juvenile delinquency, however, can face a more severe punishment than first-time offenders.

Once a person reaches the legal age of adulthood, they will no longer be tried as a minor. This means that sentences will usually be more severe.

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