Lemon Law

Definition - What does Lemon Law mean?

A lemon law defines the rights of automobile purchasers who have purchased a new vehicle only to find that the vehicle will not operate adequately after reasonable attempts to fix said vehicle.

A lemon law describes the proper way in which a new automobile purchaser should seek compensation from a dealer or manufacturer.

Justipedia explains Lemon Law

A new automobile that simply will not operate satisfactorily after reasonable attempts to fix the automobile is known colloquially as a lemon. A lemon law details the procedures that the purchaser of a defective new automobile should follow.

To protect automobile purchasers from dealers and manufacturers unfairly marketing deficient automobiles, many jurisdictions have codified lemon laws. Lemon laws typically outline how many attempts to fix a car must be undertaken before the car may be deemed a lemon. Then, lemon laws outline the types of redress dealers and manufacturers owe to the purchaser of a lemon.

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