Lis Pendens

Definition - What does Lis Pendens mean?

Lis pendens is a Latin term that means "a suit pending."

In the context of the law, lis pendens is used to refer to situations where a lawsuit has been filed regarding the title of or an interest in a property. This lawsuit could put the ownership of the property in dispute. The result of the suit will determine the proper ownership.

Justipedia explains Lis Pendens

If a property is lis pendens, this can create a real problem for anyone who is seeking to buy it. This is because if he or she buys it from the wrong person, then he or she may not even be legally entitled to it after the purchase. The rights to the property could still belong to the other party in a suit. Due the fact that some properties are in dispute or have lis pendens, many people hire lawyers to make sure that a selling property has the proper ownership before buying property.

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