Definition - What does Malfeasance mean?

Malfeasance is acting illegally or in a clearly wrongful manner. Malfeasance is often used to describe the conduct of public officials. When it is used with no other context, it connotes that the performer of malfeasance is a public figure subject to scrutiny.

Malfeasance is not often used in the criminal context, but it can be.

Justipedia explains Malfeasance

The meaning of malfeasance comes into better focus when compared to similar terms: misfeasance and nonfeasance.

Misfeasance is an action that is technically legal, but inappropriate under the circumstances. Nonfeasance may or may not be illegal but denotes a failure to act when the actor was under a duty to act.

The terms are useful for students of tort law because they quickly signify different actions or non-actions that could all lead to liability, but for different reasons.

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