Matter of Record

Definition - What does Matter of Record mean?

A matter of record is any material that is officially documented by a court reporter and/or a court clerk at trial and during related procedures. Said material is recorded or documented in writing, and includes but is not limited to testimony, decisions and rulings.

The term is often used to stipulate or reiterate that certain evidence, testimony or facts have already been included in the official court record during a legal proceeding.

Justipedia explains Matter of Record

Because almost everything that occurs at trial is recorded by the court clerk or reporter in some fashion, and therefore becomes a matter of record, it is easy to prove what transpired. This is especially important if and when the case is appealed. If the objection, motion, ruling, evidence or testimony that serves as the basis for appeal is not a matter of record, it is unlikely that the appeals court will agree to hear the case.

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