Nolle Prosequi

Definition - What does Nolle Prosequi mean?

Nolle prosequi is a Latin term that means "will not prosecute."

In the context of the law, attorneys declare nolle prosequi when they or the plaintiff wishes to drop the case and end the trial.

If nolle prosequi is declared, then the trial is, for all intents and purposes, essentially over.

Justipedia explains Nolle Prosequi

There are many reasons why nolle prosequi could be declared. For example, if a car was stolen, and it is discovered during the trial that the victim's daughter stole the car, this could cause nolle prosequi to be declared.

Nolle prosequi could also be declared if the prosecutor develops the belief that the defendant is genuinely innocent. Occasionally, it can also be declared if the plaintiff or prosecutor believes that there is insufficient evidence to press on with the trial.

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