Notice of Tax Lien

Definition - What does Notice of Tax Lien mean?

A notice of a tax lien is part of the formal process that an individual or company must go through in order to perfect a tax lien on any piece of property. The person or individual cannot enforce the tax lien until the tax lien is perfected. Giving notice of the tax lien is an important element of enforcing a tax lien.

Justipedia explains Notice of Tax Lien

When an individual or company wants to enforce a tax lien, it is generally the case that the taxing authority is already aware of the fact that a tax lien is in the process of being enforced against the delinquent taxpayer. However, it is important that third parties are made aware of the fact that the taxing authority holds a tax lien against the tax payer's property to insure that somebody does not buy the property not knowing about the tax lien. In order to prevent this from happening, a notice of a tax lien is a filing requirement.

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