Nunc Pro Tunc

Definition - What does Nunc Pro Tunc mean?

Nunc pro tunc is a Latin term that, literally translated, means "now before then." In law, nunc pro tunc means that a decision has retroactive effect from a date in the past. This is often used in cases of child support, where the determination of fathership requires a DNA test and time passes before confirmation is received by the court. At the stage where paternity can be proved, it is usual for the judge to issue an order for child suppport and have it calculated retroactively to the date of the child's birth. In this way, the child support order is considered and referred to as nunc pro tunc.

Justipedia explains Nunc Pro Tunc

Nunc pro tunc can appear both in family and civil court and can happen in any circumstance where the judgment makes sense to have started from a date before the court date. Such instances would be in case of disputes involving finances or property, or any child support or alimony payment or other maintenance type payments. If a court case has been ongoing for several months, it would be normal for the judgment to be backdated to the date of request and the beginning of the trial rather than at the end, especially in cases of nonpayment of an obligation.

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