O Visa

Definition - What does O Visa mean?

An O Visa is a type of a U.S. travel Visa that is issued to foreign nationals who possess extraordinary ability in the arts, sciences, education, business or athletics, and have risen to the top of their field. The application for an O-Visa can only be initiated by the prospective employer, and should be accompanied by an offer of employment, together with documentation that the foreign applicant indeed possesses extraordinary ability. The O-Visa must be maintained during the stay of the foreign employee in the U.S., and would be invalidated if the employment ends.

Justipedia explains O Visa

An O-Visa can be hard to obtain since its application process can only be initiated by an actual employer in the U.S. with a concrete job offer. Foreign applicants cannot apply for an O-Visa on their own. Moreover, the persons who can be granted this type of a Visa must be top experts in their field. Persons residing in the U.S. on an O-Visa are permitted to attend university studies so long as they are able to maintain their employment. Because an O-Visa is coterminous with the employment of the foreign national, an O-Visa holder automatically loses their Visa if their employment ends. Visa holders are not allowed to change employment during the duration of the Visa, and are expected to leave the U.S. once their O-Visa expires or is invalidated.

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