Oath of Office

Definition - What does Oath of Office mean?

An oath of office is a verbal commitment that is given by a person that is entering a position in public office or civil service. It is an affirmation that a certain set of procedures will be followed or upheld in line with the job duty for the role. Judges must swear an oath of office before starting the position which is used to allow the judge to confirm all laws and precedence will be followed while the functions of the role are carried out.

Justipedia explains Oath of Office

All civil servants must swear an oath of office before commencing work. The best known oath of office is the one sworn by the President of the United States. All jobs that require governance over other people require an oath of some sort to be given that confirms the person will abide by the duties imposed upon them and that they will not variate from same. It limits the person's power to that of being an administrator of preexisting rules rather than allow unilateral decision powers.

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