Objects of the Power

Definition - What does Objects of the Power mean?

Objects in this regard are people and power is a responsibility that can be ordered upon or bestowed to a person through company law or trusts. Objects of the power are the people who can be considered for the post of a responsible person in a specific matter. The power that is bestowed upon a person through this is the same as that brought through a trust.

Justipedia explains Objects of the Power

There is a duty to execute any power that is mandatory even if it has to be assigned. In case of a business, the objects will be any of the board members but specifically the secretary if available. If in a trust, the objects of the power would be all direct beneficiaries who derive a financial gain from the operation of the trust and is responsible for ensuring that the trust is kept in a specific manner and in accordance with law as well as the rules of the trust. It is common that a person volunteers for this role but in lieu of that a person can be appointed by majority.

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