Officer of the Court

Definition - What does Officer of the Court mean?

An officer of the court is a designation given to certain professionals that work within the American judicial system. These people have different job titles and responsibilities. Working together, they ensure that the courts run smoothly, in accordance with applicable rules.

An officer of the court could be a judge, a trial attorney, a bailiff or court clerk.

Justipedia explains Officer of the Court

In addition to judges, lawyers, magistrates, bailiffs and clerks, court reporters are classified as officers of the court. They are responsible for documenting all court proceedings in writing. Specifically, they are tasked with keeping track of testimony, objections and related rulings.

As court officers, bailiffs and clerks also have unique duties. Depending on the jurisdiction, one or the other is responsible for "swearing in" witnesses or administering oaths to potential jurors. Beyond that, the bailiff is generally responsible for maintaining order and decorum in the courtroom. The clerk is charged with keeping track of certain exhibits and handling additional administrative tasks.

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