Officious Intermeddler

Definition - What does Officious Intermeddler mean?

An officious intermeddler is a person that acts in a voluntary capacity to help someone that has a legal claim outstanding in some right. The intermeddler helps the person with the claim, or whatever legal problem that they have at the time, in the guise of a friendly gesture and then tries to recoup financial fees for their help afterward.

The court will not enforce a financial claim brought by an officious intermeddler, as there is no contractual agreement between the parties to uphold their request.

Justipedia explains Officious Intermeddler

When an officious intermeddler tries to sue in court for financial gain relating to help that they willingly gave, the court will determine that the only way they will get paid is if the defendant likewise willingly agrees to pay them, but there will not be any court-ordered obligation for the defendant to pay.

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