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Open Adoption

Definition - What does Open Adoption mean?

Open adoptions are adoptions in which the biological parents and the adoptive parents are allowed to know each other's identities and communicate with one another if both parties desire that to happen. Often, with open adoptions, the biological parents will visit the adopted child from time to time, or otherwise play some role in their lives.

Justipedia explains Open Adoption

Open adoptions are an alternative to closed adoptions. With closed adoptions, the biological parents and the adoptive parents do not know each other's identities. Closed adoptions are common with international adoptions. However, in the United States, open adoptions are the more common option. With open adoptions, the biological parents often choose the adoptive parents. It is common for adoptive parents and biological parents to communicate with one another and know each other's addresses. The extent to which biological parents are involved in the lives of their adopted children varies from adoption to adoption.

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