Definition - What does Ordinance mean?

An ordinance is a law that is established locally on a municipal level that only affects that municipality. There are certain allowances in law that enable municipalities to create their own sub-definition of those laws within certain guidelines.

An example is a dry county in which alcohol is prohibited; the county was allowed to create that law, but it would not have been allowed if the law added more ability to a person, only if it is taken away.

Another example is when local speed limits are decreased below state or national limits; the municipality can lower the speed limit but not raise it.

Justipedia explains Ordinance

Persons traveling through or living in any municipality in the U.S. are obligated to follow all the laws of that municipality, and all ordinances can be upheld as a law. If a person breaks an ordinance, they will be issued with an infraction, which could lead to a monetary fine or even jail time.

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