Definition - What does Ouster mean?

Ouster is a term from property law that refers to the unjustified eviction, or wrongful interference with the rights, of a rightful tenant or owner.

Determining whether an eviction qualifies as ouster usually happens after the rightful tenant or owner has been forced out. In most cases, ouster occurs due to the misapplication or misinterpretation of property contracts.

Justipedia explains Ouster

Ouster is a tort, contract and property law cause of action. A plaintiff may sue for ouster when a landlord, roommate, co-tenant or other party forces the plaintiff off of real property or prevents the plaintiff from accessing property that the plaintiff has rights to.

While some instances of ouster involve physical confrontation, a more common phenomenon involving ouster occurs when a landlord or co-tenant changes the locks to a building before disputes in real property have been settled.

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