Definition - What does Palimony mean?

Palimony is money that a person can be required to pay to an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend after a breakup occurs if certain criteria is met. Palimony is similar to alimony.

In order for palimony to be required to be paid, the couple must have been living together for a certain period of time, and there must have been an agreement that one person would financially support the other in exchange for the other performing certain domestic duties such as taking care of the home, or performing household chores, etc.

Justipedia explains Palimony

Palimony suits can often be complicated. This is because it is relatively rare for formal palimony contracts to be written. However, a judge can consider a situation to be an implied contract. For example, if a woman gives up a successful career in order to be a homemaker for her boyfriend, then this could be an implied contract. For couples who wish to avoid having lengthy legal battles about palimony, formal written contracts made during the relationship can prevent such situations.

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