Definition - What does Parolee mean?

A parolee is someone who has been released from prison prior to the completion of their entire sentence based on compliance with specific requirements. These requirements generally include but are not limited to: reporting to a parole officer, securing employment, staying out of trouble, and refraining from the use of drugs or alcohol. Most parolees must also comply with geographic restrictions.

Justipedia explains Parolee

Parolees that do not abide by any or all conditions for their release face serious consequences. The worst of these is the revocation of their parole and loss of their freedom.

However, parolees also have specific rights before they are sent back to prison. These include the right to be advised of the allegations in writing; the right to view any evidence of the alleged violation; and the right to a hearing that is not necessarily conducted by a judge.

At some but not all hearings, parolees are entitled to call their own witnesses, present evidence, and question other witnesses. Parolees are also entitled to receive a detailed, written explanation of the decision regarding the revocation at the end of the hearing.

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