Partial Verdict

Definition - What does Partial Verdict mean?

In cases where a criminal or civil defendant faces multiple charges or counts, a partial verdict may be returned by a jury when they find a defendant guilty of one or more charges, but are unable to find a defendant guilty on the other charges. This can happen when a jury determines that the defendant is not guilty on some of the charges, and is unable to come to a consensus on the other charges.

Justipedia explains Partial Verdict

Both criminal and civil cases often involve a complex set of allegations involving more than one charge, cause of action or evidentiary issue. In these cases, evidence may be stronger to support a conviction or a finding of liability on one or a few of the counts, but not on one or a few of the other counts. Rather than forcing a jury to find a defendant guilty/liable on all of the counts or none at all, a partial verdict allows the jury to return verdicts on individual counts.

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