Definition - What does Pecuniary mean?

Pecuniary refers to something that is related to money in some way.

In the context of the law, the word pecuniary is often used to describe various legal things that relate to money. For example, a "pecuniary punishment" may be imposed on a person, "pecuniary damages" may be sought in a civil case, etc.

Justipedia explains Pecuniary

Money is often involved in law and in court cases, so the word "pecuniary" is commonly be used.

For example, money may be stolen, it may be owed, it may be sought, it may have been paid accidentally, it may be passed to a beneficiary in a will, etc. In all of these circumstances, and others that involve money, lawyers, judges or others involved in the case may use the word pecuniary to reference the fact that something monetary is being cited or referenced.

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