Definition - What does Peremptory mean?

Peremptory means concrete and finalized. Something that is peremptory is not subject to challenges or reconsiderations. If something is not peremptory, then it is able to be reconsidered, challenged or questioned.

In the context of the law, the word peremptory can be used to refer to jury challenges, court dates, court rulings, etc.

Justipedia explains Peremptory

The reason why the court often uses the word peremptory is so that it can let the people involved know that the matter at hand is completely finalized.

It is important for the court to finalize decisions, meetings, court dates, etc. so that it can stay organized and efficient. After all, there are usually many cases in a given jurisdiction, at a given court. Courts therefore cannot afford to have everything challenged; they need to stay on a timeline.

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