Pocket Part

Definition - What does Pocket Part mean?

A pocket part is a document inserted into a pocket attached to the back cover of legal reference books.

As new legal decisions are made, statutes are passed, and the law changes, corrections and updates must be made to legal reference books. Pocket parts developed as a means to make sure legal reference books stay as accurate as possible.

Justipedia explains Pocket Part

Before the age of the Internet, lawyers referenced large hardcover books that cataloged recent court decisions to understand the current state of the law. To ensure practitioners had access to the most current court decisions, publishers built pockets into the back covers of their books. Publishers regularly updated their materials by sending documents to supplement the books. These documents (pocket parts) were added to the built-in pockets. If lawyers failed to check the pocket parts, they risked relying on bad law and, ultimately, malpractice.

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