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Post Mortem

Definition - What does Post Mortem mean?

Post mortem is Latin for "after death."

In the context of the law, post mortem refers to an inspection made by a coroner of a dead body to try to identify the cause of death. Post mortem inspections made by coroners can deliver evidence that can be critical for a wide variety of court cases.

Justipedia explains Post Mortem

Post mortem inspections are particularly important for cases where a death occurred under suspicious circumstances. A post mortem can help figure out if there is any evidence of foul play. For example, if a person suddenly died while eating a meal, a post mortem can help to determine if the person was poisoned.

A post mortem typically involves the careful inspection of the body, looking for any signs of damage.

Coroners who perform post mortems are specially trained to identify the cause of death.

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