Pour-Over Will

Definition - What does Pour-Over Will mean?

A pour-over will is a legal document used in estate planning. Unlike a traditional will, it does not reflect someone's wishes with regard to the posthumous allocation of assets to family or charity. Instead, it ensures that any undesignated assets remaining when someone dies are channeled into an existing trust.

Justipedia explains Pour-Over Will

A pour-over will is essential for anyone who has a living trust because it serves as a backup or safety net. This is especially true if someone has neglected to transfer property into the trust or if they've chosen not to do so for various reasons.

It is also important when someone hasn't legally documented their wishes concerning the distribution of their assets upon their death in any other way. In cases where there are no supplementary instructions, any undesignated property is distributed in accordance with state law, rather than the provisions in the trust.

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