Provisional Patent Application (PPA)

Definition - What does Provisional Patent Application (PPA) mean?

A provisional patent application is an application for a temporary or provisional patent. Inventors who wish to have their ideas protected from being stolen can file a provisional patent application. Provisional patent applications can grant 12 months of patent protection. This 12-month period gives the inventor time to test the invention in the field and determine if he or she would like to pursue a full patent. Provisional patent applications expire after 12 months.

Justipedia explains Provisional Patent Application (PPA)

The benefit of a provisional patent application is that it can grant you protection for your idea for a year, and it costs significantly less money than a full patent. It also gives you a filing date, which can be beneficial if any lawsuits arise. The downside is that it is temporary and will eventually need to be upgraded to a full patent if you would like to maintain exclusivity for your idea for a long period of time. Provisional patents create incentives for inventors who are working on smaller budgets to pursue their ideas.

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