Definition - What does Prosecutor mean?

A prosecutor refers to a specific type of attorney who works for the state or federal government. They represent the people of the state or the nation during a criminal case. Some well-known prosecutors are people such as the District Attorney, Attorney General, and Solicitor General. A prosecutor's chief job is to ensure that justice is brought about in criminal cases heard in the United States.

Justipedia explains Prosecutor

Prosecutors are given some deference in deciding what cases to pursue. However, a prosecutor must pursue certain cases that a government body or officer require the prosecutor to pursue. In some instances, a prosecutor must first bring a case in front of a grand jury to decide if there is enough evidence to hold a jury trial. If the grand jury feels that there is enough evidence to bring a jury trial against a defendant, then the prosecutor must prove their case "beyond a reasonable doubt" to the jury in order for the defendant to be found guilty.

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