Definition - What does Publication mean?

Publication refers to the process of conveying information to the public through a book, magazine, newspaper or any other form of media or expression.

Publication is relevant in copyright law, and in the law of libel and slander. In copyright law, publications can only publish material that they possess the copyrights to. In libel and slander law, a person can be guilty of libel or slander if they publish libelous or slanderous material.

Justipedia explains Publication

A person or a company can be sued if they publish something for which they do not possess the copyright. For example, if an online newspaper publishes a five-page excerpt from a novel that they do not own the copyright to, it could be sued by the copyright owner. This could result in significant monetary damages being forced to be paid from the online newspaper to the copyright owner as restitution for the violation of copyright.

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