Pur Autre Vie

Definition - What does Pur Autre Vie mean?

Pur autre vie is an old French term that translates as "for another's life." The term is applied to real estate and conveyancing in the United States and Canada when someone is allowed to remain a tenant during the life of another person.

A common example of this is when an adult child with other siblings still lives at home but the other siblings do not. The one that lives at home could have the right to live there until their parent dies. In such an instance, they would have the right to remain "pur autre vie." After the death of the main person, which is the parent in this example, the child's rights to remain would terminate and that would allow for the equal distribution of the property among all beneficiaries.

Justipedia explains Pur Autre Vie

This concept is often used in trust situations where property is destined to be passed to future generations and one part of the beneficiary is already living on the property. This clarification allows for all beneficiaries to inherit equally after the demise of the main person whose rights the other's pur autre vie was vested in.

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