Question of Law

Definition - What does Question of Law mean?

A question of law is a matter arising in court that the judge must address due to its legal complexity. The resolution of these issues generally requires comprehensive and unbiased analysis by someone with legal expertise. These matters typically surface during the pretrial stage or during the trial itself. When the latter occurs, the judge's analysis and ruling with regard to the question of law can sometimes form the basis for an appeal.

Justipedia explains Question of Law

There are several circumstances in which a question of law generally arises.

A common example is one in which the judge must determine if or how a specific rule or regulation applies to the circumstances of the case. Another is example is a case in which the judge must provide clarification with regard to a specific law or laws.

In yet another scenario, there may be two or more similar laws that could apply to the circumstances of the case. In these circumstances, it would be up to the judge to determine which is most germane.

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