Reasonable Person

Definition - What does Reasonable Person mean?

The term "reasonable person" refers to a person who acts reasonably and behaves in a way that reflects the average skill, care and judgment that a normal person would provide in a particular situation.

Whether or not someone acts a reasonable person would can impact whether or not they can be held liable for a particular event.

Justipedia explains Reasonable Person

People who do not behave as a reasonable person would behave can often be held liable if they cause an injury. For example, a person who speeds down the highway at 100 mph and causes an accident would not be behaving as a reasonable person would. This would mean that they would likely be held directly responsible for personal injuries that occurred as a result of their behavior.

Some people, such as doctors, can be held to a higher standard than others in certain situations. For example, a doctor providing care to a wounded person on the street can be held to a higher standard of care than an average person attending to the same person.

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