Rebuttable Presumption

Definition - What does Rebuttable Presumption mean?

A rebuttable presumption is when a fact is presumed to be true in a court case until it is disproved. For example, if a person presents an alibi for a crime, it is presumed to be true unless it is later proved to be untrue. Whether or not a rebuttable presumption is proven to be true often has major implications in a lawsuit.

Justipedia explains Rebuttable Presumption

In order for a rebuttable presumption to be proven untrue, then conclusive evidence must be presented that negates the rebuttable presumption's legitimacy. For example, if a man says that his alibi for a crime was that he was at the gym, yet a surveillance camera near the scene of the crime has footage of the man around the time of the crime, then this could prove the rebuttable presumption to be untrue. Such evidence could change the course of an entire lawsuit.

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