Registered Agent

Definition - What does Registered Agent mean?

A registered agent is a person who is given the power by a business to legally receive and handle important documents on the business's behalf. This service is necessary because tax documents, lawsuit information and other highly important pieces of paper are often sent through the mail. Therefore, the business is required to have someone qualified to receive and handle these documents.

Justipedia explains Registered Agent

Without a registered agent, important legal documents may be mishandled or misplaced. This could cause the business serious problems. For example, if a district court sends an injunction to a business, and that business does not have a registered agent, then someone unqualified might receive the document and not understand its importance. That person could throw the document away, thinking it is junk mail. This could cause the business to face further legal problems and may result in negative consequences. Due to the importance of proper communication through the mail, businesses are required to have registered agents in their state of incorporation.

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