Rehabilitation Act of 1973

Definition - What does Rehabilitation Act of 1973 mean?

The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is a law that prevents federal agencies, federal contractors and organizations that use federal funding from discriminating against disabled people.

Essentially, this law helps to protect disabled people from unfair treatment in housing, education, building accessibility, employment and a number of other relevant areas of life.

Justipedia explains Rehabilitation Act of 1973

There are various disabilities that can qualify for protection under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973; e.g. diabetes, blindness, deafness, chronic fatigue syndrome, cardiac problems, mobility impairments and many other ailments qualify.

If a person believes that another person is discriminating against them due to a disability, then they can file a lawsuit against that person. If the claim is legitimate, and they win the lawsuit, then the defendant can face punitive consequences.

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