Rescue Doctrine

Definition - What does Rescue Doctrine mean?

The rescue doctrine is a law that states that if a person is injured in the process of trying to save another person, the original wrongdoer will be responsible for the injuries to both the victim and the rescuer. Anyone that is involved in the accident while trying to help the victim is protected under the same tort that the victim is.

Depending on the severity of the damage created in the rescue, the lawsuit could come to any cost, i.e. there is no court limit for damages in this regard.

Justipedia explains Rescue Doctrine

The rescue doctrine allows for the rescuer to sue the original person or company, which is responsible for the accident, for any damage that happens to them or to any property that they use in the facilitation of the rescue. For instance, if the rescuer used equipment in the rescue that became damaged during the same, they would be able to recoup the loss through a lawsuit.

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