Resisting Arrest

Definition - What does Resisting Arrest mean?

Resisting arrest is when a person tries to evade arrest by using physical force when a police officer is trying to put handcuffs on them and make an arrest. A person may try to resist arrest by pushing the police officer away or trying to run away while being apprehended.

Resisting arrest is an unlawful act; however, it is only a misdemeanor.

Justipedia explains Resisting Arrest

If a person is being arrested, the legal expectation is that they will simply allow the police officer to take them into custody. Placing handcuffs on the arrested person is very common.

Resisting arrest occurs when the person being arrested is not willing to comply with the situation. This could involve the arrestee using different levels of force to try to prevent arrest. In such cases, multiple officers may be required to restrain the person in order to put the handcuffs on and bring them into custody.

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