Restatements of the Law

Definition - What does Restatements of the Law mean?

Restatements of the law are rewritten interpretations of laws. Restatements are written by legal scholars from the American Law Institute.

Restatements of the law are commonly used in trials by lawyers to help argue points. They do not carry the same weight as actual laws or court rulings, but they can still be useful.

Justipedia explains Restatements of the Law

The way that the American Law Institute goes about writing restatements is by dividing the law into hundreds of important issues. For example, it may divide the law into issues such as grand theft, trespassing, jaywalking, impersonating a police officer, etc. Once the categories are defined, the restatements are written to try to explain what the primary law is regarding the issue in the majority of states. Restatements can be very helpful for lawyers who are preparing for a trial.

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