Workplace Retaliation

Definition - What does Workplace Retaliation mean?

Workplace relation is when an employer punishes or otherwise retaliates against an employee for filing a complaint about discrimination or harassment. This can include firing the employee, demoting them, forcing them to work at a different location, giving them bad evaluations, etc.

If an employee feels that they are the victim of workplace retaliation, then they can file suit against the employer for damages.

Justipedia explains Workplace Retaliation

There are laws that protect employees from workplace retaliation, because it is viewed as unfair and unethical. Protection from workplace retaliation is similar to protection from discrimination in the workplace.

An example of workplace retaliation is if an employee files a complaint against their supervisor for sexual harassment, and then the next week their pay is lowered by 15%. In such a case, the employee could sue the employer for workplace retaliation.

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