Reverse Discrimination

Definition - What does Reverse Discrimination mean?

Reverse discrimination is when people who were traditionally viewed as privileged are discriminated against. Typically, this happens when programs designed to level the playing field for previously mistreated minorities prevent groups such as white males from having equal opportunities.

Reverse discrimination can be a violation of employment law and lawsuits can occur regarding this issue.

Justipedia explains Reverse Discrimination

Reverse discrimination can occur when, for example, a white male is repeatedly passed over for a promotion or a hire in favor of women or minorities, solely because the latter are women or minorities. In order for the reverse discrimination to be legitimate, there must be proof that the white male was more qualified, and is suffering an injustice solely because of his gender or ethnicity.

This area of law is viewed as a grey area, as the courts are still working out the details of reverse discrimination.

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