Reversible Error

Definition - What does Reversible Error mean?

A reversible error is a move made within a court case that has the effect of undermining the case. It happens when a matter of fact is actually untrue and the basis of the statement was used to determine the sentence.

If it is found that a reversible error is made, there is a mistrial and the case will have to be heard again to ascertain a true judgment based on only the facts.

Justipedia explains Reversible Error

A reversible error is so named because the essence of the error is so great that it will reverse the judgment in the case. In certain circumstances, there would still be guilt found, but it would not be on the level that it was when the erroneous information was applied in the judge's or the jury's consideration.

When a vital piece of evidence is known to exist, but is not brought to light in the court case, it could result in a reversible error if the evidence is later revealed.

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