Definition - What does Robbery mean?

Robbery is the crime of stealing the property of another party by force, or by a distinct threat of force. Money, jewelry and electronic devices are all items that are commonly stolen during robberies.

Robbers often use weapons to force their victims to hand over the desired property. Such weapons can include guns, knives or baseball bats.

Justipedia explains Robbery

Robbery is a type of larceny. However, because robbery includes the use of force or intimidation, the punishment for robbery is almost always more severe than it is for larceny.

Robbery is a significant issue in America, and it is common for hundreds of thousands of robberies to occur in the country every year.

A person who is robbed can lose a significant amount of money. This is especially true if they are wearing expensive jewelry and carrying a lot of money on their person.

Those convicted of robbery can face lengthy jail sentences.

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