Roe v. Wade (1973)

Definition - What does Roe v. Wade (1973) mean?

Roe v. Wade 1973 is a landmark case in America that dealt with abortion laws. The result of the case was that the United States Supreme Court decided that women do have the right to have an abortion during any point of their pregnancy. The court voted 7-2 in favor of this decision.

Justipedia explains Roe v. Wade (1973)

Roe v. Wade 1973 is an extremely relevant case because it set the precedent for abortion laws in America. The Supreme Court justified its decision by citing the Fourteenth Amendment.

The case was named after Norma McCorvey, who went by the alias "Jane Roe," and Dallas County District Attorney, Henry Wade. (These were the two parties in the lawsuit.)

Roe v. Wade 1973 has held for decades. However, given its significance in the 2016 presidential election, it is possible that it could be overturned in the future.

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