Search and Seizure

Definition - What does Search and Seizure mean?

A search and seizure is when the police search private property and take away anything illegal they find. For this to be done, it is necessary for the police to have a valid warrant before search and seizure takes place. If a person is pulled over in a car and the police officer has reasonable doubt and suspects that the person is hiding something illegal, they are able to conduct a brief search. They can seize illegal contraband if they find it and charge the person with a crime.

Justipedia explains Search and Seizure

Search and seizures are a common part of a drug bust. When there is a warrant to search property, the purpose of the search is to find any illegal item that may be on hand and seize it to show as evidence in an ongoing case. If a search and seizure takes place, the evidence that is found is deemed to be felonious in nature. Although the charges may be dropped down there is also the possibility that each will be given the maximum punishment.

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